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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

This year our class names are based on mythical creatures. 

Class 5 are called the Firebird Class. In this class you will find Miss Blackburn, Miss Chandler and Mrs Tiltman.

Class 6 are called the Pegasus Class. In this class you will find Mrs Wilson, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Clow and Mrs Duke. Mrs Wilson is in class on Mondays and Tuesdays and from Wednesday to Friday there is Mrs Campbell.



In spring Term 2, Year One shall be learning all about animals, identifying different groups such as reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and fish. Within these animals groups the children will have a wonderful visit form “zoo lab” where they shall be able to handle and see up close a range of animals and consolidate their understanding of the different animals groupings. They will also learn about common animals and whether they are a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore.


Alongside this science learning the children will be reading animal non-fiction texts and writing animal stories, non-fiction pages and recounts of visits.

In maths we shall be learning about multiplication. Understanding that multiplication is repeated addition and using counters and pictures to support the learning.

In Design and Technology the children will be exploring a range of books that contain levers and sliders. From this, they will go in to create their own moving pictures.


This term also includes “Review Day” which focuses on the children reviewing their learning with the teachers, looking back at past work and comparing in to present day and talking about progress and next steps.

Toys then and now PowerPoint

Geography Physical Features

In the Autumn term we will be exploring Dragons.  We shall be making our own dragon eggs and recipes with ingredients that will give our dragons new skills. 

To begin the term we will explore the school grounds looking for signs of Autumn in the local environment,  noticing the changes that are occurring to the plants and trees, learning a little bit about evergreen and disiduous. 


We shall start of the term with a Geograohy unit all about our capital city London, learning about its landmarks and reading the fictional text "The Queen's hat".  We will learn to use the i-pads to explore a variety of apps including ‘Explain everything’, which will revisit during the year to support our learning across the curriculum. We will also be navigating beebots around different routes using our programming skills, learning about left, right, whole, quarter and three quarter turns.


In Science we shall be exploring materials and learning to identify metals, wood, plastic and fabrics and sorting them using different criteria such as dull, shiny, rough, smooth, waterproof.


During English we will be revisiting reading and writing using phase 2,3 & 4 phonics from  Year F and checking for finger spaces. We shall also be practising handwriting patterns.


The Great Fire of London is a very exciting history topic that the children love learning about, and link to the previous Geography. Alongside this we have a visit from the fire brigade who teach us all about fire safety.