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We are very proud of our school and it is so lovely to hear that members of the Sun Hill community are just as proud to be part of the Infant school.


Below is a range of comments and questionnaire responses from parents, children and visitors...

Adeela Baig, a dancer who delivers workshops to our Year Two children, wrote this email to us after working with the children again this year...

"I felt compelled to write to you to reiterate what a fabulous day I had at your school.
Yet again I was lucky enough to be asked to deliver Bollywood dance workshops based on the story of Rama and Sita, Diwali.
I feel blessed that I am able to teach at such a warm and welcoming school who throughout the day never stopped asking whether I needed anything or if they could accommodate me in any way.
The staffroom this year had me chuckling and it was so refreshing to sit with such down to earth, funny teachers. It made me thoroughly enjoy my time at the school whether I was teaching or not.
I hope very much I'm able to return to the school as both the children and staff are so kind to me and make my job even easier as both have great rhythm!
Fingers crossed I'm back at Sunhill. 
Love, love, love you!
Adeela Baig"

Photos of working with Adeela

In March 2018, Sun Hill remained open during the snow and ran 'Snow School' for not only Infant children, but for children that attend the Junior school and Perins.


"Dear All
I just wanted to thank you for opening the snow school and for allowing my children to attend.
R has had the most wonderful morning and was full of stories about her new wee friends – mainly about being pelted by snowballs! B also thoroughly enjoyed being back in the infant school, if only for a morning!"


"To everyone at the Infants that came in especially, for the snow days
Our child had an amazing time and we so appreciated her being entertained and cared for, so that we could endeavour to get some work done too and carry on regardless. Please can you say a big thank you to everyone for their time, enthusiasm and fun."