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SOS Villages - Nadine Agosse Toevi Aude.

Sun Hill Infant School continues to sponsor Nadine.  This year Nadine attended Year 5 of Primary School. Her teacher reported that she worked hard all year and in all subjects and for her most recent exams her marks were beyond average. 

Nadine has started to show a passion for sewing and received a sewing kit and materials form her SOS Mother, and within a few days had created some dresses for her dolls.  When asked how she performed the challenge, Nadine replied “I don’t really know. I did it as it came in my spirit”. 

The SOS Children’s Village Dassa-Zoume experienced an extremely happy Easter.  Due to the fundraising received a picnic was organised within the village this year, with dancing competitions and music playing.  A lot of fun and enjoyment was had.

All the children are doing very well under the care of the SOS Village and Nadine’s prospects are good due to our continued financial support.

Thanks you everyone for all your contributions over the years, it is making the most amazing difference to Nadine’s life.