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Switch Off Day

Our whole school topic this year is around the theme of recycling and the ways in which we can look after our world. Today we enjoyed 'Switch off Day'...a school day with no electricity!


There were no lights, no computers, no printers, no iPads, no interactive white boards and no hot school dinners! It was quite gloomy at the beginning and the end of the school day which meant it was very dark in some of the classrooms without lights. However, the children in their bright clothes, definitely shone in the dark!


At the end of the day, all the children came together in assembly to share what they had been learning about during the day.


Year F shared their paper making and their own version of 5-a-day, dancing and playing instruments rather than following the online programme.


Year One learnt how to play old fashioned games (rather than playing games on devices) and also created posters to remind everyone to turn off the lights. Year One also handled artefacts and looked at pictures of how people used to wash clothes without washing machines.


Year Two also learnt about wash day in the past and enjoyed role playing washing clothes using the artefacts. They also cooked food in the fire pit and learnt how to start fires! Inside, the children explored how much it cost to run different devices per hour and then developed a series of commands to instruct people to reduce, reuse and recycle.


We had a fantastic day and the children were really passionate about turning off electricity when it was not needed, especially to help the polar bears and their habitats.


Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the day as teachers also had to be tech free but we hope your child has shared their enjoyment of the day with you.