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Snow School

On Friday 18th January, the school opened for 'Snow School'.

The children and staff that were safely able to make it into school had a fantastic day. The children could choose any activity including painting with different materials, including snow, carrying out experiments around the school, using the computers, and collaborating together to build models. We also made some delicious shortbread that we ate with some hot chocolate after spending time playing out in the snow. We loved making snowballs, small snowmen and playing snow basketball!

Take a look at the comments below to find out more about snow school:

"I like doing the's so much fun" - Year Two child

"I'm putting powder in the snow. It's changing colour" - Year One child

"I have been making snow angels and snowballs with my friends" - Year F child

"We get to play with lots and lots of snow" - Year Two child

"We go on laptops and can use interesting websites" - Year Two child

"It has been humbling to see the gratitude of working parents who needed 'Snow School' to access their own work commitments. There have been lots of offers of support from parents and part-time staff for whom Friday isn't a work day. Adults and children have been working together with opportunities they may not necessarily get" - Mrs Jones

"Definitely 'Snow School' was helpful - to get an urgent bit of work done and to teach the boys some things are important come hell or high water (or snow!) and school is one of these!" - Parent

"'Snow school' is a great idea and the kids also enjoyed it" - Parent

"'Snow school' is brilliant, helps the children learn a good work ethic. Snow shouldn't stop the world. What better to learn about snow that with their friends" - Parent

"Well done team....AGAIN!!! Open for business as usual. TOP JOB" - Parent

"So pleased Sun Hill Infant's has opened for 'Snow School'. The children have a great time and it's a Godsend for parents. Many Thanks!" - Parent

"Thank you for opening for 'Snow School'. My daughter has clearly had a great time and I appreciate the effort the staff made to open" - Parent

"A fantastic opportunity for my children to come in and be with others of varying ages in a safe, fun filled environment. Living in a village with no other children means they had the chance to socialise and enjoy at the same time. Thank you!" - Parent

"Very pleased 'Snow School' was in operation today. It is important to continue learning even in adverse weather conditions. Very helpful for working parents." - Parent

"Thank you. My Daughter has had a lovely day and everyones commitment is exemplary" - Parent

"'Snow School' is great. Kids had fun whilst learning new skills - cooking and art. My daughter liked computers best. My son liked hot chocolate, biscuits and throwing snowballs at school" - Parent