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Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo visits Sun Hill Infant School


Last week, Year One and Year Two were lucky enough to receive a very special visitor, Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo, Imam of the Al Mahdi Centre came to talk to Key Stage One. He spoke to Year One about 'Special Books' and Year Two about their current focus, 'Beliefs of God'.


During his talks with both year groups Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo explained that the Quran is written in Arabic, demonstrated both how Arabic is written and how it sounds.  He explained how Muslims live their lives according to their beliefs.


He showed the children how to write in Arabic and recited a short prayer from the Quran in both Arabic and English.  He told them about the rituals of praying, the need to face Mecca and the use of his rosary and prayer mat on which the children were invited to sit.


Most importantly Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo answered questions about Islam and its links with other faiths.  He talked about how his life was similar to the children's lives and gave them chance to ask lots of questions.


The children were fascinated by the talks and participated fully.


Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo complimented the school on the confidence of the children and the excellent questions they asked.


Please see your child's classteacher if you would like any further information or if you have questions.