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Christmas Bazaar

It was lovely to see so many pupils, parents, family and friends on Saturday.  Everybody was obviously enjoying themselves and the Friends rasied £3,200.  There is still some additional money to be added - Christmas Tree commission, Christmas puddings and Calendars to sell so the final total will hopefully be around the £3500 mark for profit this year!  To the many, many cooks, staff holders, grotto workers, school staff, governors and everyone else who gave so freely of their time - THANK YOU!  As always huge thanks must go to the Friends Committee.  This small band of dedicated parents has worked incredibly hard on your children's behalf to ensure that the Bazaar was a success. 

Below are some quotes from the children -

I enjoyed being in the hall with my friends and family.  I had some yummy food.  Ava

I enjoyed punching the rat! Eddie O

I had my nails painted, they are pretty! Martha

At the fair I painted two decorations, one was a person, it was lots of fun! Leo T

I liked the bean bag game because I liked giving sweets to the children and saying roll up, roll up
Katie M

I loved having my face painted! Neave

I got a tatto and a green balloon at the fair, it was lots of fun.  Evie G

Seeing Santa was amazing, he gave me a present BUT I have to wait to open it ... Lara H

Meeting Father Christmas was really exciting and I also had two cakes at cafe! Lottie C

I was in charge of selling the things we had made in clubs, it was really fun taking peoples money and working out the change! Olivia T

I liked having my nails painted I still have it on now. Rachel D

We had fun making reindeer food. I was going round with Hettie and her favourite was the lucky dip!
Isabella G

I had one big yummy cake and I got my face painted! Lewis C