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Year F

Welcome to Year F's Curriculum page


On this page we will share with you:


  • Our curriculum overview
  • National statutory requirments
  • Topic maps for each term
  • Information relating to our current topic

Curriculum Overview Year F

National Statutory Requirements

Summer Term


We continue to work on all of the prime areas of learning as they develop their self confidence and awareness and their social skills. We are also continuing to work on their physical skills, in both their gross and fine motor development. Their mathematical and literacy skills  are developing daily and the children are encouraged to practise what they have learnt in their discovery time as they play and explore.


We promote a love of learning by building on favourite stories such as The Tiger Who Came to Tea, The Hungry Caterpillar and Supertato, as well as encouraging and extending the interests of the children. Through our play based curriculum we find the different ways that your children learn and what their strengths are in all areas.