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Year F

Welcome to Year F's Information Page


On this page you will find:

  • Information about our classes
  • A topic map for this term
  • Information about our current learning in school
  • Ways in which you can support your child at home

Class Information


In the foundation stage, you will find Mrs Grant and Mrs Poupart. We will be using class 4 to start and end our day but will use both classrooms throughout the day.

Please visit the 'Home Learning' section under the 'Children' tab for more links to phonic and maths games.

Current Information


Welcome to The Early Years at Sun Hill Infants!


We continue to work on all of the prime areas of learning as they develop their self confidence and awareness and their social skills. We are also working on their physical skills, in both their gross and fine motor development. Their mathematical and literacy skills are developing daily and the children are encouraged to practise what they have learnt in their discovery time as they play and explore.

This half term we are learning about fish, under the water and pirates.  We will also be learning about Chinese New Year and celebrations in other countries. 


We will be looking at non-fiction/information books about fish and under the sea and writing simple labels and captions. Later in the term we will also read fictional books, thinking about the beginning, middle and end of a story and having a go at writing our own adventure stories. We will use picture prompts to encourage the children's ideas of a characters, setting and a problem to be solved. Through guided reading sessions the children will be beginning to use their sounds to read simple words then simple sentences.


We will be looking at simple addition and adding 2 single digit numbers together. We will be exploring a varying vocabulary to deepen the children's understanding. All of our adding is done practically with objects and through the use of number stories.

Mental Maths

This half term we are focusing on teen numbers and what each number really means. For example, 11 is made up of 10 and a 1 rather than a 1 and a 1. We are encouraging the children to accurately count physical objects to a total of 20 and order teen numbers to 20.

Funky Fingers

Every day we will be doing funky fingers, where your child will be working on the handwriting patterns at the appropriate level for them. If your child is working on a sturdy pencil grip they will be producing patterns on a larger scale to continue developing their core strength and gross motor strength. If your child has already developed a robust pencil grip they will now be working on a smaller scale to develop their fine motor skills.

Understanding the World

We now have a fish tank in Year F and will use this to learn more about fish and their environment. We will also be having Smelly Fish Day where your child will have the opportunity to explore and understand fish in multi-sensory approach, with the chance to make fish fingers.

We are also learning about pirates, pirate ships and adventures! We will be dressing up as pirates and using props to explore the language used by pirates, for example they didn't have swords, they had cutlasses.

Throughout the term, we will continually refer to our world map, exploring the seas and different countries we have visited.