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Year 2

Welcome to Year Two's Curriculum page


On this page we will share with you:


  • Our curriculum overview
  • National statutory requirments
  • Topic maps for each term
  • Information relating to our current topic


Autumn One Topic Map - Rainforests

Autumn Two Topic Map - Heroes and Villains

Spring One Topic Map - Space

This term we are blasting off to space!


We will be learning about Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing over 50 years ago. We will be using sources to discover information about the past and putting the events of the moon landing in chronological order. We will then make comparisons between Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake who went into space in our living memory.


We will be using our historical learning to support our writing by creating fact sheets about the astronauts, asking and answering questions about space and writing recounts about the past.


Using our science investigative skills, we will be considering how astronauts stay healthy in space and look at how humans survive. We will deepen our knowledge of the different food groups, the importance of exercise and hydration as well as thinking of our health and well-being in terms of sleep, relaxation and mindfulness.


We will be inspired by Tim Peake’s photos from the ISS and look down upon the continents and oceans of the world - locating and naming these.


Linking all our space learning together, we will share our learning using Keynote on the iPads to create presentations.