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Year 1

Welcome to Year One's Curriculum page


On this page we will share with you:


  • Our curriculum overview
  • National statutory requirments
  • Topic maps for each term
  • Information relating to our current topic

Year 1 Summer 1 Topic Map

Year one – Summer 1 (2021)

This year we have moved our London topic to the summer term so we could enjoy learning and exploring this together. We hope your child will feel excited and engaged by their learning.

In English we will be linking our learning with our history, learning about the features of non-fiction texts and how to use these to find answers to questions.  We will also read a variety of other London inspired texts including the Queen’s Hat and Katie in London. We will practise using a variety of punctuation including questions marks and exclamation marks and write in more detailed sentences with increasing confidence and independence during the term. We will be writing for different purposes including narrative retelling, speech bubbles and questions, and continuing to work on our cursive script.

In maths we will be revisiting our learning about place value of numbers to 50 and beyond and then practising our key addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. We will focus more this term on number work and using these to solve simple one step mathematical problems and explaining our reasoning and methods.

In science we will continue to explore working scientifically, ways to record information and the importance of a fair test. We will also recap our knowledge around everyday materials and how they are used in different ways according to their properties.

Our topic work this term is largely based around history and learning about the historical event ‘The Great Fire of London’. We will look at a variety of different sources and consider the information these give us and begin to discuss how these may not always be reliable and compare how they are the same/different. We will learn some exciting facts about this historical event.

As part of our geography curriculum we will recap our understanding of geographical terms (human and physical) and use these to learn about London and some of its landmarks. We will link this to our ICT skills and program a floor robot with a short sequence of instructions to move around a simple map grid.

Our RSE focus will be exploring how to keep ourselves and others safe in different situations, what to do in an emergency and how we would contact the emergency services. Please clean and check you smoke detectors at home with your child so they know how you are keeping them safe. We have arranged for the Fire Education team to work with the children and we hope they enjoy the visit (either face to face or via video call). We are sure they will have lots of excellent questions! 

We will also be considering the importance of keeping safe, what we mean by safe adults, how to ask for help and keeping safe while online. We will explore the kind of rules that will keep us safe on line, and why we should not share personal information. This page may be useful to look at

In Art we will be practising our skills of colour mixing and creating different hues of a secondary colour. We will then use this to paint pictures inspired by John Constable and Henri Rousseau. The children will also explore how different thicknesses of paint produce different effects and experiment with colour washing. They will use these skills to create their own final piece.

In music we will listen and respond to Manual de Falla ‘Ritual Fire Dance’, consider the duration of notes in the music. We will explore how different instruments can be layered and use our voices to sing in simple rounds and how the duration of the notes affects the sound created.

PE will continue our fire theme, we will move and respond to music  and create a fire inspired dance, working with a partner and in small groups to develop movement and shape in our dance. We will also continue our lessons with Perins staff.