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Year 1

Welcome to Year One's Curriculum page


On this page we will share with you:


  • Our curriculum overview
  • National statutory requirments
  • Topic maps for each term
  • Information relating to our current topic

Year One Spring 2 Topic Map

Year 1 Spring 2 (2020-21)


This term is a little different to what we had planned originally. We have decided to move our London topic so we have plenty of time to enjoy this in the summer term and can focus on settling the children back into school.


We will be spending a lot of time this term focusing on the mental well being and happiness of the children and ensuring they are ready to continue their learning journeys now they are back in school. We have moved things around so we can work in on caring relationships, thinking about how we interact with others, the importance of friendships and how these relationships work, and also beginning to consider how we deal with fall outs in friendships. Thinking about treating others as we wish to be treated will be a key part of our learning and rediscovering tolerance or others.


In English we will be consolidating writing in sentences and learning how to use a ? and !. We will continue to verbalise our ideas and make sure we include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We will focus on using ‘and’ to extend our sentences, adding further information and detail to them.  We are making sure we are all confident with our independent writing skills, Linked with our phonics we will use the correct sounds in our reading and writing and apply our tricky words spellings.

Please make sure you child’s reading log is in their book bag every day and they are changing their reading book regularly.


In maths we will be revisiting work on place value, addition and subtraction. We will revisit 2d shapes properties and names and explore the idea of finding  fractions of shape and small numbers, working with ½ and ¼  and knowing that  ½  +  ½ = 1 whole.


In science we will build upon our learning about properties of material and scientifically to solve simple problems and make reasonable predictions and observations. We will discuss the importance of a fair test and what we need to record and begin to learn how to compete a simple table of results.

 Our geography work is broadening our understanding of where we live to include the four countries of the UK, their capital cities, flags and surrounding seas. We will begin to explore and use simple atlases and maps.


In ICT we will continue to explore bee-bots and the bee bot app and other simple coding programmes.


Our PE work with the Perins staff will continue and we will be working outside to improve our team skills and stamina.

In RE we will listen to, discuss and retell the Easter story, explore the symbols of New life and what this means to Christians.


In music we will be exploring textures and the different sounds instruments can make, and learning instrument names. We will continue to listen to a variety of pieces of music and respond in different ways. We will be working in small groups developing our collaboration skills.


We will be providing the children with additional play opportunities as they re-adjust in to a school routine, using the outside learning environment as much as possible every day.