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Year 1

Welcome to Year One's Curriculum page


On this page we will share with you:


  • Our curriculum overview
  • National statutory requirments
  • Topic maps for each term
  • Information relating to our current topic

In Autumn 2 we will be exploring the materials that toys are made from and thinking about why these materials have been chosen.

In English we will be learning our phase 5 phonics sounds, and continuing to learn our tricky words for reading and spelling. We will be learning about the features of non fiction texts and using this to help with our writing about toys. We will read ‘This Rabbit belongs to Emily Brown’ and explore using adjectives to describe our toys.

In maths we will focus on our understanding of numbers to 20, including reading and writing the numerals and words correctly and learning about the concept of place value. We will work practically to explore the ‘ten’ part of a number and learn the vocabulary of tens, ones and exchanging.

In science we will be learning about the properties of different materials and exploring these. We will use our knowledge to plan and investigate suitable packaging for wrapping a toy in that will be posted to someone.

We will be designing, making and glazing clay tags for our favourite toys. We will learn how to impress patterns into the clay and how to join rolls of clay using cross hatching and slip.  

We will also explore how  puppets have moving parts and design and make our own simple puppets using split pins.

Our PE work in dance will allow us to explore different ways to move in response to music and create a simple dance sequence.   We will continue working with the Perins staff each week on our stamina, agility and core strength. .