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Spring One Week Six

Hi Year Two,


Last week was 'Children's Mental Health Week' and we hope that you enjoyed expressing yourself...we loved seeing the photos of the things you had been up to! This week is 'Internet Safety Day' so our foundation learning this week is all about this topic. It is something we think is incredibly important, especially as we are all using the internet a lot more during lockdown.


This week is also the last week before half term. We know that you and your grown ups must be feeling very tired after working so hard over the past five weeks so we have made a few changes to the week...


Firstly, we have not uploaded any new spelling lessons or mental maths for this week. We have included it on our visual timetables but we thought you could use that time to revisit any spellings or mental maths from previous weeks that you still need to practice or secure. You could download previous maths games to play and enjoy during those times too.


In school, we will be including more down time and more chances to revisit learning from the term. This will help to embed and consolidate prior learning rather than learning anything brand new. Please feel free to change and adapt the daily timetables to include more down time and practice of prior skills.


At the end of term we usually have a class treat. You all deserve a year group treat so instead of a Maths live lesson on Thursday afternoon, we are going to have a Year Two Zoom party!


And on Friday Dr D is going to have a live story time just with Class 6 and Miss Riley will have a live story time just with Class 5. With less children on the Zoom call we hope to be able to come off mute and chat to one another.


We know we have said it a lot Year Two but we are so so so proud! We hope you enjoy the learning this week and then a very well deserved rest during half term,


Mrs Wilson, Dr D and Miss Riley