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Spring One Week One

Hi Year Two,


Happy New Year to you all. We are so sorry that we haven't been able to welcome you back to school this term. We hope that you are all safe and well and that you had a lovely Christmas.


We have been busy planning ideas for your home learning and can't wait to start helping you with your learning...lots more information will follow soon!


For the next three days we have uploaded some learning to help you practice your writing, spelling, maths, mental maths and science learning at home. Hopefully it's familiar learning to you as it is revisiting our multiplication learning and continuing to think about being healthy humans (which we started last term).


We miss you all very, very, very much. Take care and hopefully we will speak to you very soon!


Mrs Wilson, Dr D and Miss Riley 

We would love to know what you got up to in the Christmas holidays...and all about your favourite presents! Could you write a recount of your Christmas holidays to share with us?

Don't forget that recounts need to be in the correct order. You might want to use time words to help order your recount.

As your writing, think about:

Capital letters and full stops

Using 'and' to grow your sentence

Expanded noun phrases (adjectives) to describe something e.g. I got a pair of DAZZLING, sparkly shoes!


January is often a time to stop and reflect on what has gone well and what we would like to get better at. We would like you to think about your strengths (what you're good at) and something you would like to get better at. You might want to get better at:

Tidying your bedroom

Drinking more water

Reading every day 

Practicing your joined up handwriting

Being braver to share your ideas


We will soon be sharing your personal Seesaw code with you. When you have access to Seesaw at home, you can upload your writing to us so that we can read and find out about your Christmas and your New Year's resolution. 

These are your common exception words of the week. Please practice spelling these for 5 minutes every day. You could practice writing them in colours, in HUGE writing, in tiny writing...anyway that you like! When you know them, you can make up some silly sentences including the spellings.
Last term we learnt about multiplication and how to solve multiplication problems. We can use our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to help solve these problems, draw pictures and use practical apparatus. To help you remember, you could look at our help video saved under the 'School Video' zone.
In maths this week, we would also like you to start learning the names of the 3D shapes. You can watch the BBC Bitesize videos to help you learn the 3D shape names. Could you then explore your house to find spheres, cubes, cuboids and cylinders. How many of each shape can you find?
Last term, we also practiced counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to help solve our multiplication problems. Practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s at home. You could do this by downloading the worksheets, chanting with your grown up or watching some of the videos from BBC Bitesize that are listed below.


Last term we learnt about ways in which to keep our bodies and minds healthy.


One way we can do this is by exercising. Click on the exercise document to explore different exercises at home.


Some times when we are unwell, we need to take a medicine to help us feel better. Watch the following video to find out a bit more...

Medicines change the way our body feels. We should only:

Take them we need them

Have the right dose

And only have medicine that is meant for us


Around the home there are some products that we should not be eating or drinking. Download the following document and sort the pictures into medicines and household products. 

The last thing we were going to learn about this week was how to make an emergency call. Sometimes we might need extra help if we or a member of our family are really unwell. This is when we would need to make a call to the emergency services. Download the following activity pack to find out more. You could then practice role playing emergency calls at home so you know what you would need to do.