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Spring One Week Four

Hello Year One,


We just wanted to say a huge well done on all the amazing learning that you are doing and for how hard you are working in your zoom lessons and at home. We know that some days it is really hard to feel motivated when you are missing your friends and being at school. If you need to stop and go for a walk in nature, run around at the park, phone a grandparent or just have a break, then please make sure you do this. While it is important to engage with the learning it is also important to look after yourselves and all the people in your family who are working so hard to help you with your learning and do their own jobs too. All we ask is you try your best at each task you complete and engage with this activity for up to about 30minutes - the same as you would in school. It is great we are able to work on the same things as the children in school so you are all learning together still and will have experienced similar activities.


Thank you for all the wonderful work you are sharing with us on seesaw - we are trying to respond, comment or leave a voice message on the work you submit for us. We will always say what has been good with your learning but may also suggest something for you to think about or practise before completing the next learning task. This is just like we would do at school. Well done to everyone who has responded to these teaching points and improved something in their work.


We hope that you are enjoying the learning and we are looking forward to seeing you next week for your live lessons! Mrs Willcocks is especially looking forward to cooking on Friday and eating cake with you!


Keep safe.

Mrs Maccabee, Mrs Willcocks and Mrs Byrne

Weekly science and geography

Wednesday - Remember zoom sessions at 10.15am and 1.30pm

Friday - Remember zoom sessions at 10.15am and 1.30pm