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Week 9

This week you will see from the overview that we have included some different online resources. As before there is a mixture of online learning and other resources which will hopefully suit all children.


The Oak National Academy has not been listed for English and Maths learning this week as we felt that the content was less appropriate for most pupils. However if your child has been using it and would like to continue their learning for English and in Maths please feel free to use it for either or both of these subjects, instead of our suggestions.


Just a reminder that leaning will not be posted next week to ensure that all pupils and parents have a good rest. As ever both Mrs Wilson and Miss Riley would love to see any learning so feel free to email if your child would like to.

And here are the resources that are available for those children that prefer learning off line...





This week we would like you to revisit your multiplication learning. When we multiply we use a range of strategies and vocabulary such a groups, lots, sets, times etc. To find out more, there is a help video under the 'School Video' tab. We have also uploaded some multiplication questions and word problems to help you practice your multiplication skills.

Mental Maths


Please continue practicing the quick recall of your 2, 5 and 10 times table. You can extend yourself to the 3 times table if you feel confident. To help your practice, you could use the following on line game...



We have uploaded a reading comprehension for you to practice your literal retrieval and inference skills. We have split the reading into two parts. You may wish to complete this over a few days.



Over the past few weeks you have been exploring different writing skills such as expanded noun phrases, commas and different sentence types. We thought it would be a good idea to link all these ideas together to write part of a story. Firstly select either the Fairy Tale image or The Top of The Beanstalk image. Read the story start and draw a picture of what you think will happen next. After that, write the next part of the story. All the instructions are included within the document.



We have uploaded your next set of dictated sentences that include Year One and Year Two common exception words.

We would also like you to start to learn about homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings e.g. their and there. To find out more, watch the following video...
Once you have learnt about homophones, you can practice using the following documents. Cut and match the homophones together and then think specifically about the meaning of their, there and they're by completing the sentences.



In science this week, we would like you to revisit animal groups. To remind you of this learning, watch the following videos...

To help you practice, you can cut and sort the animals into their correct groups.



Finally, you may wish to use your creative skills. We have uploaded two ideas. Firstly, you can use your knowledge of secure joins to make a junk model of your favourite animal. And secondly, you could create an insect out of natural materials.

Printed resources for all of the above activities will be available to collect from the school porch from 10 o'clock on Monday 18th May.