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Week 7

You will see that our webpage looks a little different. This is in response to requests from parents asking for help to know which pieces of learning are the most important for their child to try. Other learning has been added under the ‘Extra’ section so that you can access these learning opportunities when and if your child wants to. 


We are trialling using some new online home learning resources over the coming weeks in an effort to make your child’s home learning experience even better. These resources have been produced specifically for teachers to select from using their knowledge of prior learning or learning that they feel may need strengthening. Therefore please don’t worry if you see other lessons on these sites that your teachers have not selected. You will find that all of these platforms are safe to use and are free to log in to. They can also be accessed from any device. For our Year F children you will continue to find practical activities encompassing the full breath of the Early Years curriculum so please access this through the ‘Year F Home Learning Page’. As always, we are interested in your responses to these new resources so please feel free to email to share your thoughts.


Whole school activities and information will continue to be offered, including our popular weekly challenge and video. These are completely optional and hopefully provide fun activities that you may like to dip into and share.  As ever, the priority in these challenging times is to maintain your child’s happiness and wellbeing so please email your child’s class teacher if we can help in anyway.

As we are trialling more online resources this week, there are less paper resources. A hard copy of the world map is available in the school porch as this should be the only printed resource you need.