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Week 6

Hi Year Two!


We hope you are all safe and well. We have uploaded some new ideas for your home learning this week.



In maths this week, we are going to be practicing dividing (which links to the fractions you practiced last week). We have uploaded a video to explain dividing to you and which you can watch by clicking on the 'School Video' tab.

To practice your division, you could use these online games (select the division option and practice dividing between 2, 5 or 10).


Or you can practice dividing by downloading these resources...

Mental Maths


This week, we will be practicing counting forwards and backwards in 3s. Practicing for a short period of time every day will help to secure this skill. To help practice you could play the following online games...

Or download the following documents to help you practice counting in 3s...



Please continue to read daily if possible. Remember you can come and change your book at school when you need to. Books are located in the main entrance.


You can also practice your comprehension by reading the non-fiction text we have uploaded below called ‘World Of Water’ and answering the questions.



This week our writing is going to be based around a story, so to begin with your can share the story of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

After you have read the story, you could write about a Wild Thing you have read about using expanded noun phrases (adjectives).  You could also write about an imaginary Wild Thing that you have created. You can watch the help video that we have uploaded under the 'School Video' tab.

To find out about adjectives, watch the following video...



We are revisiting plural spelling rules this week. To help you remember, please watch the plural video we have uploaded.


To practice your spelling rules, you could use the following online game. You will need to use the username: march20 and the password: home


You could also practice your plural spelling rules using the following documents...
We have also uploaded your next set of daily dictated sentences to help you practice your common exception words.



Continue to learn about the properties of materials and which materials are malleable or rigid.




We have two creative ideas for you this week.


Firstly, after reading 'Where the Wild Things Are' you could make your very own Wild Thing.

And finally, we have another drawing activity for you. Building on from our observational drawing you can learn how to create an extension drawing of an imaginary cityscape. Watch the video we have uploaded to find out how.
The resources above will be available as hard copies to collect from the school porch from Monday 27th April.