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Week 5

Phonics - if your child is confident with phase 2 and the phase 3 sounds from last week, then please practise one new sound every day. Again, please refer to the pure sounds link before you begin.

Tricky words - Play Loo,Cover , Write, Check  (yes Loo!! if you can download the app) to practise your tricky words (phase 2: the, to, no, go, into and phase 3: he,she,we ,me,be, was, you, they, all, are, my, her) If you cannot download the app, write the words out, ask your child to say the word, then cover the word and try and write it - check to see if they have got it right!

Mark making - please see the video section for the ccccc pattern. There is also a link, log on and password available for a website called letter join as an alternative way of practising the handwriting patterns (it would be great to hear your feedback on this site). Also, please find below an idea for practising the alphabet (letter names and capital letters).

EYFS - in this section please find ideas relating to all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Please watch the Hungry Caterpillar video under the school video section for Year F and then use the story to help with the different activities. You might like to choose 1 different activity each day.

Content will be uploaded on 17/04/20.