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Week 5

Hi Year Two!


We hope that you all enjoyed a really sunny Easter weekend and that you enjoyed one or two (or three or four!) chocolate eggs!


We have lots of fun home learning for you to practice and remember you can always email us photos of what you have been up to.



This week, we would like you to practice your fractions. At school, most of us have learnt about ½ and ¼. This week we would like you to explore ¼ , 2/4 and ¾. We have uploaded a help video to explain these fractions and how you can find a fraction using practical apparatus and drawings.


Download the following documents to practice finding fractions of shapes and amounts.

If you would like to practice fractions further, the following link is good to explore alongside your child.

Mental Maths


As we are learning about halves, we thought that you could practice recalling halves of an amount. Just practicing for 10 minutes every day will help you to remember these number facts. Start by recalling your halves from 1/2 2 to 1/2 20.


When you feel confident, you could link your knowledge to multiples of ten e.g. 1/2 of 4 is 2 so 1/2 of 40 is 20. You may want to challenge yourself further and find 1/2 of a number by partitioning e.g. 1/2 of 48 = 1/2 of 40 is 20 and 1/2 of 8 is 4 so 1/2 of 48 is 24.


To help you practice this learning, you could play 'Hit the Button' and select the 'Halves' game.



Please continue to practice your reading of any books that you enjoy (and don't forget you can always come up to school and borrow books that we have put in the porch).


We have uploaded another poem for you this week with some comprehension questions to answer.



This week we  would like you to practice writing another type of sentence. We have learnt about statements, questions and commands. A few weeks ago, we started to learn about exclamatory sentences and we thought you could have a little longer to practice this sentence type. There is a video under the 'School Video' tab to help you.


You will also need to watch the link below before writing your exclamatory sentences.



We have uploaded some more daily dictated sentences for you to practice the spelling of your common exception words.

We would also like you to revisit spelling contractions this week. A contractions is where two words are shortened into one word, using an apostrophe to show a missing letter(s). For example, 'I am' becomes 'I'm' or 'could not' becomes 'couldn't'. Download the following documents to help practice your spelling of contracted words.
You may also like to visit the following site to practice your contraction spelling...



A few weeks ago you started to identify the properties in your house. This week, we would like you to begin to learn about the properties of these materials. Is it strong or is it weak? Is it rigid or is it malleable? Is it transparent, translucent or opaque? The following document below outlines some activities and ideas for material exploration.



Finally this week, we would like you to apply your directional language of forwards, backwards, left and right. To do this, you will need to download a free app called 'Blue-bot' (links below). Using this app, you will practice directing a programmable robot on screen by creating a set of instructions. There is a video for you to watch on how to use this app, saved under the 'School Video' section of the website.


If you had a break over the Easter holidays you may find it useful to look at the directional language video that was posted two weeks ago before using the app.