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Week 3

Phonics - if your child is confident with phase 2 and the phase 3 sounds from last week, then please practise one new sound every day. Again, please refer to the pure sounds link before you begin. Follow the link for a tricky word penalty shoot out.

Mark making - please see the video section for the vvvvv pattern. There is also a link, log on and password available for a website called letter join as an alternative way of practising the handwriting patterns (it would be great to hear your feedback on this site). Also, please find below an idea for practising the alphabet (letter names and capital letters).

Maths - Please follow the links for teen numbers with Number-blocks and a couple of YouTube videos to practise counting backwards.There is also a document containing some practical maths ideas (print outs available at school if needed).

Writing - please spread these ideas over 2 weeks. Let the children have fun with the story and explore it in any way they choose.