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Week 3

Hi Year One


Hope you are all ok. We are missing you all very much and hoping this sunshine is making you all feel happy! We hope you have all been able to get out for a walk or play and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine. We are sure you are all very busy with fun activities at home and have been working very hard on all the games and activities we have put on here. This week is Easter themed which we hope you enjoy, next week we wont be uploading because we feel you and your super parents all need a little relaxing time! Make sure you enjoy a well earned rest, some special time with your families and the beautiful sunshine that is on the way!


Look out for some whole school fun activities though! The next upload on this page wil be on Friday 17th April.


Have a very happy Easter full of smiles, chocolate and family time.


Mrs Maccabee, Mrs Wilcocks and Dr Dadgostar

Remember to use your equipment as you start to learn these doubles. See clip in video section of the website.
Keep working hard on your capital letter at the start of your sentences, fingers spaces throughout and using all the sounds you can hear in a word. Using your phoneme fingers to break up the word when writing will really help. Have fun writing all about the Easter story.
This week we are practising all the 'A' sounds the children have learnt. If you find they don't know them all keep practising the ones they do remember, if they are feeling confident with all 3 'A' sounds take a look at the spelling rules document attached.

Get creative!

Enjoy some arts and crafts in the garden and making the most of the sunshine on its way!

How creative can your Easter hat be?!?

Happy Easter everyone.