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Week 2

Hi Year Two,


We have uploaded some ideas for home learning next week. If you don't have access to a printer at home, we have made a pack of printed resources. These will be available in the porch at the front entrance of the school from Monday morning (30.03.20).


We hope you are all ok and that you have had fun with your home learning this week.





This week we will be focusing on adding and taking away two two-digit numbers. There is a help video saved on the website to support you with this learning. You may wish to start by adding and taking away a 10 or a multiple of 10 (like 20, 30, 40, etc).


You could also download the following document as a starting point to practice your addition and subtraction.

To support this learning there is an online game (Mental Maths Train). Practice either + or – two digit numbers.

Mental Maths


Last week you practiced recalling number bonds to 20. If you need to continue to practice the quick recall of these number facts then please do so this week. If you feel ready, you could practice the recall of number bonds to 100. There is a video uploaded to support you with this under the ‘School Video’ tab.


The following document could be used to help you practice your number bonds.

You can also use ‘Hit the Button’ game, selecting ‘Number Bonds to 100’ ‘Make 100 (tens)’.



Please continue to practice your reading using books or e-books (Oxford Owl has a great selection online). We have also put a selection of books in the front porch at school for you to come and borrow.


We have uploaded the following poem for you to read. Use your reading skills to decode the words and then have a go at answering the questions.



A few weeks ago we learnt about commands. These are a type of sentence and are sometimes called instructions. Commands need to be short, clear and contain a verb. For more information, please see our help video.


Please write some instructions to help Rufus the dog…he is still quite young and is learning all the rules!



We have uploaded the next set of dictated sentences to practice your common exception words. We have also uploaded a video to show you fun ways to practice any spellings that you don’t yet know.



This week you can start to explore the materials in your home. Go on a material hunt and collect data to see which material is the most used. You could either tick in the table (document uploaded below) or use a tally. As you find the materials, you could begin to think about their properties e.g. are they strong or weak, flexible or rigid, etc.


You could also sort items into their materials e.g. group all the wooden objects, plastic objects etc.

For more information about materials, you can watch this clip…



Finally this week you could develop your drawing skills. There is a video to support you with this on the ‘School Video’ section. Enjoy mark making using different materials and then learning about shape and position when drawing a cityscape. You could use one of these images to copy.

We have been inspired by Stephen Wiltshire who has created the most incredible cityscape drawings. Watch this clip on YouTube to find out more about him…