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Week 2

Number bonds to 20 can be practised for a few weeks or as long as your child remains interested. Continue to practice them even when they have learnt them as quick recall of the number bonds is a fantastic skill to have! No more than 5 or 10 minutes is required to keep it fun and interesting.
The children have been working in class subtracting using objects (anything from around the house will be perfect, 1p coins, pasta, stones, pine cones etc). They have also used a number line to subtract. The children have learnt when they count backwards on a number line that they jump underneath the line making sure their pencil touches each number as it passes. Please remember to amend subtraction sums to suit the need of your child ... some children will be working to 30 or 50.
There are lots of "just so" stories to share with your children. In class we have been working hard on applying a capital letter at the start of a sentence, finger spaces throughout the sentence, a full stop at the end and applying all the sounds they can hear in a word.

Numbers are some of the spellings that Year One children have to learn. Make it fun .... chalk, paint on big paper, match words and numerals, verbalise the spelling, type it on the computer.


Your child would have also come home with personalised spelling. Once they have learnt these find the next 5 spelling words on the word list - phase 4 tricky words,  phase 5 tricky words.


After this set of words you can move on to the Year one common exception words.

Giradlin The Giraffe Learns ir, ur and er

The er, ir, ur sounds are the weekly focus. Other ideas to make it fun ....

Chalk the words on patio.

Hide words around the garden.

Play snap / pairs.

Create a bingo board.

Extra activities