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Week 14

Hi Year Two,

How did you get on last week with the rainy weather? Hopefully this week the sun will come out again, but just in case it doesn’t, our next text is all about what happens when it rains to animals and insects. 

Remember you are all doing an amazing job and we are all so proud of you. smiley

Have a wonderful week and enjoy your learning and playing too!

Here are the overviews for this week


Listen to Mrs Wilson reading your new text this week. Go to the Video Resource Center


Practise writing sentences with commas. You can select one of these resources

Write a story about Dylan the monkey taking shelter from the rain using these resources



Mental Maths

Use snakes and ladders to practise your mental maths.

Maths Measurement


Use all or select from these resources to practise measuring in cm


Amazing treasures can be found outdoors. Collect them and create a wizard wand. See this resource 


Create your own indoor or outdoor den. Here are some ideas


Draw a pictorial map of animals and creatures.