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Week 12

Hi Year One,

How was your week last week? Hopefully you enjoyed having a go at some of the learning on this page?

This week lots of your learning is based around a new text called ‘Greta and the Giants’, which you can listen to on the Video Resource Centre. Have fun and enjoy your week.


Listen to 'Greta and the Giant' being read by Mrs Maccabee on the Video Resource Centre. Then answer these questions about what you understand.


This week you are going to learn more about using exclamation marks. Use the website link from the overview to complete activties 1, 2 and 3.

Then practice using an excalmation mark by writing a message to the Giants from the story,  telling them to stop cutting down the trees and harming the environment. See the document below.


Continue to practise your phonics. This week you are learning about the alternative graphemes “gn and kn “for the “n “sound. Remember practising this a little bit several times over the week will really help.


This week you are going to learn about weight using the learning platform the Oak Natiional Academy. There are four mini lessons where you can explore the vocabulary of weight and develop your understanding. Please see the overview for the links to each lesson. Here is also an extra opportuntiy to practise comparing masses just like in the lessons and solving problems using the sheets below. Have fun!

Mental Maths

Have another practise at recognising odd and even numbers. Use this sheet to see if you can recognise them. When you feel confident move onto the 'Top Marks' link on the overview.


June 8th is World Ocean Day. Visit the website link on the overview to learn more and use your sketching skills to draw some of the beautiful ocean creatures you can see in the rock pooling video.


The BBC Ten Pieces site is a fantastic resource helping children to experience music, orchestras and to develop their responses. This week use the music to create a great 3 D sculpture. See the overview for details.


You've learned about the four countries in the United Kingdom of the word but can you name their surrounding oceans and seas? Use an Atlas or Google Earth to learn more and fill in this blank map.


This week learn we are continuing to learn about explorers. Use the link on the overview to learn about the brilliant Amelia Earhart.