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Week 11

Hi Year Two,

How are you? Hopefully you’ve been relaxing enjoying lovely days in the sun with your families? Here is a letter from Mrs Wilson and Miss Riley. They’ve been missing you lots!

You’ll see that there are two overviews this week.

One is for those families who want to go continue using Oak National Academy and one for those who would like a more resourced approach. Please select the overview that works best for your child. We hope you enjoy your learning.

Learn about Subordinating conjunctions using these resources and the links provided in the overview. Have a go at linking this learning and writing about what makes you special. This is quite a new skill so don't forget to use lots of verbal practise. Visit the video center for a joke handwriting task.
Elmer has lots of patterns so look at number patterns using this Roald Dahl number square activity. Talk about the patterns you can see in the rows and columns on the 100 square to help.
Use the websites on the overview to have a go at these number problems and patterns. Adding 3 single digits is an important skill to become as fluent as possible. You make want to practise this for a short while each day and don't forget to look for the doubles and bonds that may make this quicker.The following resource may help your child with the 3 ball line up activity. Remember to move the coloured counters around to help you to try and solve the problem.


Create a mini Elmer and practise your collage skills


Where is your favourite place in Alresford? In Year Two we have to create simple maps. Use this map drawing challenge to create and show your route pictorially.

Finally visit the overview to create a handwashing poster and to learn more about the Torah, the Jewish holy book and don't forget to visit the Video Resource Center for our first chapter of our new shared text.