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Week 11

Hi Year One,

Have you all had lovely half terms? Hopefully you’ve been resting and enjoying the sunshine.

Over the next weeks lots of your home learning will be based around the same books the children will be using at school. This week this starts with Elmer and you can share the powerpoint with your grown-ups as part of your reading learning.



You’ll find the usual mix of English, Maths, Phonics and other activities. Some of these are on learning platforms and others more resource based. Remember doing little and often is the best way for your child to learn. Here is the overview for the week.

Read this powerpoint and use the overview to answer questions you'll find there.

Keep working hard on your capital letter at the start of your sentences, fingers spaces throughout and using all the sounds you can hear in a word. Using your phoneme fingers and writing down every sound will really help. Practise these skills by cutting out the images from the story and reordering them. Then write sentences to go with these.

Continue to practise your phonics this week.
In maths learn about pattern this week. Look at the overview to see the online activties. Don't forget in any pattern work, saying the pattern aloud really helps to seeit and predict what will come next. This resource will help you in the final activity.

Foundations and 'Extras'


Practise your collage skills by making your own mini Elmer, just like the book!



Just for fun cut out and use these masks for role playing

Personal Development Learning

Create a poster to show how you are unique and special you are , just like Elmer.  

Finally visit the overview to access a lesson about the importance of handwashing and the start of a history topic all about explorers. Enjoy!