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Week 1

Hi Year Two,


This week we are going to share some learning ideas with you based on your current learning in the classroom and some old learning that you can practice. All these ideas are downloadable or available on line to play. If you do not have a printer, a pack of these printed resources will be available to collect from the school porch from Monday morning.



We have been learning how to tell the time at school. We have been reading clocks and making times, focusing mainly on o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.


We have uploaded a paper clock for you to download and make. Or you could use the link below to practice making the time on an interactive clock (you can drag the minute hand around to make the time you need).


To give you some ideas of how we teach the time, we have uploaded a video to the ‘School Video’ section of the webpage and saved it under Year Two.

You could also access this online game. There are different levels to select based on what you need to practice.


Finally, we have included a time board game that you could download to play as a family.

We have uploaded a video to the ‘School Video’ section of the website to show you how you can practically make number bonds to 20.


We have also uploaded ‘paper’ tens and units for you to cut and use at home if you don’t have access to dienes.

Once you have practically made your number bonds to 20, you can have a go at completing the number bond worksheet.


Or you could play ‘Hit the Button’. By selecting number bonds, you have to recall the number bond as quickly as possible. You can use this game to practice number bonds to 10, 20 or 100, doubles.



Please keep enjoying reading and sharing stories at home. To help develop your comprehension skills, we have uploaded a piece of text for you to read. After you have read the newspaper about Titanic, you can then answer the comprehension questions. Don’t forget to read carefully and search for the key words from the question to locate your answer.



Over this year we have been learning how to read and spell the Year Two Common Exception words and revising the Year One Common Exception words. Every week we will upload 10 dictated sentences (containing both Year One and Year Two words). Your grown up or brother / sister could read out a sentence to you and you can practice writing the sentence, thinking carefully about the spelling of the common exception word. Don’t worry if you get the spelling wrong – you can always practice by looking at the correct spelling and rewriting it a couple of times.



Mr Faulkner kindly agreed to be filmed to give you some ideas of exercises you could practice at home based on the exercises we have learnt at school. Watch the video uploaded under the ‘School Video’ tab. Don’t forget you can also access 5-a-day from home. Your parents have had an email containing log in details.



Finally, as we know you have loved our Titanic topic so much, we thought you could make a Titanic model at home. You can use any construction toy to make your model. If you are able to make your model out of junk materials such as cardboard boxes and tubes, you could watch the video we are going to upload that shows you how to make a successful flat to flat join and a curved to flat join.


If you make a boat, please take a picture and email it to us – we would love to see what you have made.

Miss Riley –

Mrs Wilson –