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Spring Two Week Six

During the morning, the children will be creating their own non fiction book (the live lesson will be about this). I have uploaded a template for the booklet that you can download but you can also make your own books by folding paper or writing directly in an exercise book.


For the spelling lesson, a video will be uploaded to the 'School Video' section of the website. This video will contain dictated sentences to practice long vowel a spelling.


For mental maths, can you please continue to practice mentally adding and taking away an amount. You could use the race track games from last week or ask your child a range of + and - questions. You may want to consolidate adding and taking away 10 (e.g. 56 + 10 or 67 - 10) multiples of 10 (e.g. 43 + 20 or 38 + 30) or 2 two digit numbers (e.g. 62 + 14 or 78 - 25).