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Spring Two Week One

Hello class 3 and 4.

Following on from Mrs Jones letter, there will not be a daily timetable for phonics and maths.  We have however uploaded a plan of ideas that are linked to the book ‘The Runaway Pea’ that you may wish to explore.

Please use the phonics videos under school videos to cover any sounds that your child may be unsure of and play lots of games that will encourage your child to blend the sounds together to make words.  You may wish to use the following websites:

You can also use the sounds included in your packs to play games with, such as hide and seek, or pull the sounds out of a hat and then draw a picture of something that has that sound.

Try and read as often as you can.  There are some sentences included in your pack that will encourage blending of the sounds they know so far and of course the books will still be available in the school entrance with the reading logs.  Please use the statements in the front of the logs as a guide and move on to the next colour if your child has progressed.

Play games that will help to develop their fine motor skills e.g. play dough, peg games, threading etc. Keep practising with the handwriting patterns and encouraging your child to have a go at writing any of the sounds.  This doesn’t have to just be pencil and paper – it can be outside with a paintbrush and water, in a tray with sand or flour etc.

Revisit some of the maths activities that we completed:

  • Counting forwards and backwards, identifying one more and one less.
  • Teen numbers (use the numicon to make teen numbers) – counting and recognition of numbers to 20.
  • Adding (explore number bonds to 10)
  • Take away.
  • Doubles and sharing.
  • Exploring 2d and 3d shapes.


Have lots of fun playing, taking turns and encouraging your child to be as independent as possible.  Practise skills such as doing their coat up, making sure their shoes are on the right feet, using a knife and fork etc and attempt any reading,writing, maths tasks on their own. 

We will see you in the live sessions.

The Early Years Team