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Head Lice/Impetigo

Head Lice
Please check your child's head regularly and notify the school if your child become infected so that we may minimise further outbreaks.

Lotions are not always effective, especially for treatment of eggs, and the recommended method for head lice is the wet combing method.  To be absolutely certain that all lice have been removed this should be repeated every day for two weeks.  We do have two electronic lice combs in the school office that can be borrowed as well.

Impetigo is very infectious.  Impetigo begins with a small blister with a red ring round it. Any child with impetigo must stay away from school for three days from the beginning of any treatment.  At the end of three days they may return to school if the impetigo has dried up.  If it hasn't parents should go back to the Doctor.  Hopefully by following these rules we will stop it spreading further.