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Year Two

Welcome to Year Two's Information Page


On this page you will find:

  • Information about our classes
  • A topic map for this term
  • Information about our current learning in school
  • Ways in which you can support your child at home

Class Information


In Class 5 you will find Miss Emma Riley. She works full time.


In Class 6 you will find Mrs Helen Wilson and Mrs Eve Stean. Mrs Wilson works Monday - Thursday and Mrs Stean works in Class 6 on a Friday.


Both Year Two classrooms are supported by Mrs Allison Byrne. She is an HLTA and she works full time.


We are also supported by two SNAs; Mr Myles Greenwood and Mrs Emma Griffin.

Autumn One Topic Map

Ways in which you can support your child at home

This week we are learning about 2D shapes in Maths. The children have been naming regular 2D shapes and identifying their properties. The main shapes we have been focusing on are:









We have been playing 'What am I?'. One person will give property clues e.g. I am a shape. I have 4 corners. I have 4 sides. 2 of my sides are long and 2 of my sides are short. What am I? The children then have to guess. 


This week we will be using our learning about 2D shape properties to identify irregular shapes in the environment. For example, if the children see a shape and count 5 sides and corners, with sides of different lengths, then they will be able to identify it as an irregular pentagon.