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Class Information


Class 1 are called 'The Griffins'.

In this class you will find Mrs Willcocks, Mrs Stean and Mrs Byrne.

Mrs Stean works in school all day Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Mrs Willcocks works Wednesday morning and all day Thursday and Friday.



Class 2 are called 'The Phoenixes'.

In this class you will find Miss Riley, Mrs Byrne and Mrs Rawlins.

Miss Riley and Mrs Byrne work full time. Mrs Rawlins works in school from 8.45-12.00 everyday.

Ways in which you can support your child at home

This week we are solving missing number problems. We have been exploring this practically. To begin with we have been looking at the = sign and linking this to equally balancing. We have used scales to demonstrate this e.g. 20 + something = 25. By placing 20 on one side of the scales and 25 on the other side, the children were able to see that we needed 5 more. Wherever possible, when introducing this, we have used familiar missing number facts e.g. Tens and units, doubles, number bonds etc.

Missing number problems

In maths this week we are learning to use the bar method to find fractions e.g. Halfs and quarters. The bar is a whole and it can be split into different fractions e.g. Split into two parts to find half of a number or split into four parts to find quarter of a number.

Finding fractions using the bar method

In maths this week, we are learning to multiply. The children work with the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times table.


The children are taught different strategies to solve multiplication - practical, pictorial or mental.

Examples of multiplication in the classroom

Practical Multiplication Film

Still image for this video

Pictorial Multiplication Film

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Measuring cm's