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Year F

Welcome to Year F's Home Learning Page


On this page you will find home learning ideas for your topic and your weekly tricky words and phonics sounds.


During English we will be learning to read and write phase 2 Phonics and practising handwriting patterns.

In maths we will be exploring numbers to 10. The children will be thinking about the value of each number, grouping numbers, adding numbers, and understanding one more and one less of numbers to 10.






We are continuing to learn how to read and write phase 2 Phonics. This week we are learning the sounds ff / l / ll / ss.

We are also learning the tricky words I / to / into / the / no / go

These words are tricky because they cannot be sounded out using phonics so need to be remembered of by heart. 



We are also learning how to write the curly c pattern.

We have started reading "10 Little Superheroes" which we will be story mapping and re-telling but also linking the story with our numbers to 10.