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School Council

School Council


At Sun Hill Infant School we are committed to involve our children in our decision making as much as possible. We value and encourage the pupil voice of all of our children and our School Council members are the representatives from the classroom to school council, to the governing body of the school.  


This half term, we are focusing on respecting school property and cleanliness of the school, in particular, the toilets.



School council minutes



toilets are messy- discuss with friends/ class- think of a suitable caption for the toilet

the group reviewed the minutes from last week


Children shared their ideas about poster captions and possible positioning of them within the toilet.


Isabelle Rudd in year 2 produced a great poster saying- please don’t put blue paper towels down the loo! Help keep the loos tidy


please wash your hands – to go by the sink

put paper towels in the bin –bin

flush the chain – by the chain


The children came up with lots of suitable ideas. We discussed how we could number the places in the toilets to then almost leave instructions for the whole school to learn to follow. For example


  1. Go to the toilet
  2. Flush the chain
  3. Wash your hands
  4. Take blue paper towel
  5. Put into the bin
  6. Go back to your learning


Toby wanted us to think about hand dryers. The groups agreed they would solve the blue paper problem but could be deemed too expensive for the school. Prevention is better


we discussed how we could revamp the toilets with stickers for boys and girls


By next Thursday discuss with your teacher and your class and think of different types of stickers to have in both the boys and the girls toilet that are appropriate






School council minutes



toilets are messy- discuss with friends/ class

Problems discussed


year 2 side

the toilets are blocked

wee on floor

paper towels on floor

chains not flushing


year one side

too much toilet roll being used

toilets being used like a play ground

toilets not being flushed




have a toilet monitor at the end of the day to flush the chains

security cameras in place

make posters



By next Thursday discuss with your teacher and your class and think of some slogans to use for posters in the toilets


Teachers- can you facilitate a quick chat about what the posters may say